Stay safe with Skoda

Skoda’s new Octavia has put safety at the forefront with enhanced safety technology warning drivers and passengers to not open their doors into the path of oncoming cyclists.

The all-new fourth-generation Octavia is the first ŠKODA model to feature Exit Warning, and is designed to help reduce the number of instances of ‘dooring’ – where a cyclist is hit by the door of a parked vehicle opened by a passenger or driver.

Exit Warning, which is part of the brand’s Blind Spot Detection system available as standard from SE L First Edition, uses sensors to monitor the rear and sides of the vehicle when stationary.

If a cyclist is detected, the system will warn the driver through a series of visual warnings and by sounding an alert, both of which will continue until the hazard has passed or the doors have been closed. Working on both the front and rear of the car, the alert will reduce the chance of passengers swinging their doors open and causing a possible collision.

The sophisticated cameras in the new Octavia are able to observe possible hazards to the rear of the vehicle up to a distance of 35 metres and at angle of approximately 120°, providing greater assurance for drivers and passengers on when it is safe to exit the car.

The introduction of ŠKODA’s technology will be greeted as a welcome addition by the cycling community, particularly with the UK marking Bike Week 2020, which is taking place from June 6-14.

With many more cyclists expected to take to roads over the summer months as part of their commute to work, the new ŠKODA Octavia further encompasses a range of other advanced safety features to help protect those on two wheels.

Predictive Cycling Protection triggers a cascade of warnings to the driver if a cyclist is detected ahead – and will even engage the emergency brakes if necessary to avoid any possible accident.

Another innovative piece of technology is Turn Assist* which will be introduced for the first time in any ŠKODA, while the Octavia is the first vehicle in its class to have the safety feature. Using the on-board cameras, the system will be able to monitor oncoming traffic when turning right at a junction, as well as identify cyclists and pedestrians. If immediate danger is detected when executing a manoeuvre, the vehicle will be brought to a complete standstill, triggering the warning signal and preventing a possible collision.

Collision Avoidance Assist is another first for ŠKODA. The front cameras of the vehicle are able to detect an impending accident and perform a controlled evasive manoeuvre around the hazard, be that a cyclist or another vehicle. The system uses real-time data provided by the array of cameras and radars to calculate the most appropriate, and crucially the safest, trajectory around the potential danger.

A spokesperson at ŠKODA UK said: “The all-new fourth-generation Octavia is the most technologically advanced ŠKODA yet and one of the most cycle-friendly cars on the market.

“Naturally cyclists face daily challenges associated with cycling on busy roads, including avoiding car doors as they open. The technology introduced in the new Octavia, particularly Exit Warning, is there to assist drivers in helping to mitigate and reduce potential accidents.”


  • Fourth-generation ŠKODA Octavia features an array of safety features to protect cyclists, making it one of the most cycle-friendly cars on the market
  • Visual and audio alerts are activated when car is stationary, preventing drivers and passengers from opening their doors into cyclists as they ride past
  • Other cycle-friendly technologies include Predictive Cycling Protection, Turn Assist* and Collision Avoidance Assistance

To find out more about the new ŠKODA Octavia, visit

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