One in five want pavement parking ban

Action call as government consultation moves to next stage

Residents in are fed up with people parking on pavements, with around 20 per cent wanting action from the the government.

A survey, from, shows that one-in-five want immediate pavement parking ban as Government consultation enters next stage

Indeed, the Government is currently analysing the response to its consultation, which ended last November, on how to manage pavement parking with a summary of the responses due for publication by the end of February.

Among the Government’s current proposals include a London-style, where it is already illegal, pavement parking ban across the whole of England. 

Meanwhile, Scotland is already due to to outlaw the controversial parking practice.

However, the survey by shows that an immediate pavement parking ban can’t come soon enough for many.

According to official sources, the advantages of a national pavement parking ban include that motorists would benefit from a consistent rule, while disadvantages include that in many areas pavement parking is essential and that local authorities would need to undertake a substantial amount of work to prepare for it.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said: “2021 could be a landmark year in deciding if motorists in the UK are still allowed to park on the pavement.

“At present it’s a grey area in many parts of the country, so any proposals will give some clarity on the issue, even if people are for or against them.”

Yet while some want an immediate clampdown, the survey also discovered that others were prepared to wait, with just over one-in-five wanting a ban within one year and just over one-in-ten within six months.

Harrison added: “The next few months could determine where millions of Brits are allowed to park, marking the biggest shift in parking patterns for a generation.”

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