Larnaka’s water world of wonder

The wonder and treasures of shipwrecks and marine life are showcased in a new video.

Larnaka Tourism Board (LTB)  launched the video on a number of platforms Youtube / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter. It showcases the shipwrecks and the rich marine life that draws divers to this Cyprus region’s shores each year.

Entitled ‘Larnaka’s fascinating underwater world’, the video visits five of the most popular shipwrecks and diving sites including sea caves.

The video begins with HMS Cricket, an old British ship, which survived World War I and then used as a target practice for the British Air Force RAF in Larnaka Bay. It finally sank in 1947 due to bad weather. It is now surrounded by a rich marine life including octopuses, lionfish, starfish, and sea bream.

There are a further two, recently acquired vessels shown in the clip: LEF1 and Elpida. Both were sunk in December 2019 and have already attracted marine life.

Elpida sank to a depth of 32 metres while LEF1 is at a depth of just 13 metres, aimed at creating the first swimming reef in Cyprus.

In the caves located in the sea area of ​​Pyla, divers can marvel at stalagmites and stalactites, plus gorges and see larger fish among the rocks.

The video also shows the legendary shipwreck Zenobia, listed in the top 10 diving wrecks of the world.

“Zenobia was a Swedish Roll-on-roll off ferry that sank on her maiden voyage in 1980 and nicknamed ‘The Titanic of the Mediterranean’. She is in the port of Larnaka, lying on her portside on a flat bed of sand and rock. The 165-metre ferry was carrying 108 articulated lorries with a variety of cargo from military equipment to  cars, food and including one million hen eggs, most perfectly preserved! Over the four decades a large variety of marine life has colonised this wreck including lionfish, barracuda, , starfish, turtles, and octopuses,” added Nana Asmeni Pavlou from the LTB.

Larnaka’s monthly newsletter was also published today with an update on autumn highlights: winning a Gold Tourism AwardLarnaka’s Storytelling StatuesVoroklini’s outdoor gym with sensational sea views, Piale Pasha’s street art and cycling E-maps

Larnaka continues to welcome British holidaymakers provided they test before they travel.

See the video here

For more information on Larnaka Tourism Board, visit

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