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Driving misconceptions revealed

A new study has revealed the that the most common driving misconceptions. The survey of 2,000 British drivers revealed a number of illegal habits that UK drivers are guilty of:

  • Flashing their lights to give way (95%)
  • Beeping their horn in anger (79%)
  • Pulling over to check a map or a text with the engine running (55%)
  • Driving with snow on the roof of the car (63%)
  • Sleeping in the car while drunk (14%)
  • Letting a dog out for a wee on the hard shoulder (14%)

However, the data from also showed people were confused about what is and isn’t legal on the road – and beeping your horn in anger wasn’t the only offence. The participants were also asked whether they’ve committed the below offences, and whether they thought these were legal (% of drivers that have done this and % that think it’s legal):

  • Flashed your lights to give way to someone – 95% and 52%
  • Paid at a Drive Thru using Apple Pay – 26% and 63%
  • Beeped your horn at someone in anger – 79% and 27%
  • Let your dog out for a wee on the hard shoulder if broken down – 14% and 11%
  • Pulled the car over to check a map with the engine running – 55% and 31%
  • Slept in your car while drunk – 14% and 14%

In contrary, many people also think some activities are illegal, when they are infact legal. As for footwear, 52% thought it was illegal to drive barefoot, 46% think it’s illegal to drive in flip flops and 33% think it’s illegal to drive in high heels, all of which are legal.

Many of us were told when we were younger that it’s illegal to drive with the interior light on in the car. A whopping 46% still believe that this is the case, when it is in fact legal.

Phil Morgan, Head of, says: 

“While the chances of getting fined for doing any of the above offenses are extremely low, they’re still not worth the risk. While some of the above offences aren’t commonly known, nobody wants to have to pay a hefty fine for something that they didn’t know was going to cost them, so it’s best to know these sooner rather than later.”

For more information, visit’s misconception study here

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