Top Greek resorts to open

Reassuring message to visitors

By Bill McCarthy

A top Greek resort chain is reopening two of its five properties next week with a reassuring message to visitors.

Aldemar Resorts has reopened Knossos Royal in Crete on July 1 and Olympian Village in the mainland Peloponnese region on July 3. The firm says 10 per cent of summer bookings are coming from the UK.

Having stayed at the brilliant Olympian Village last year during a holiday to Athens and then the West Peloponnese, a real treat awaits British visitors. It’s a shame a planned trip to the Crete resort this autumn became victim of the coronavirus pandemic

Aldemar commercial director Mandy Kalliontzi said: “People want to feel safe but also want to feel relaxed.

If a client wants to go on holiday, you don’t need to make them feel like they are in a general hospital. “We are not changing the way our clients know us.

There will always be a buffet but served in a totally different way – it will be a served buffet, which means a much bigger cost for us, no cost added for the client, but they will feel safe.”

Ms Kalliontzi added that the sauna, hammam and gym would reopen but spa treatments would be limited to private cabins, while kids’ clubs would restart with outdoor, parent-supervised activities only, until July 15 when government regulations say indoor kids’ facilities can reopen.

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